Can I Buy the Top Spot in Google?


I’ve had many people ask me: “Can I buy a Number 1 Spot on Google?”

Well that’s a loaded question. First, are we talking organically or for a paid ad? Today, we’re going to focus on organic rankings. And the short answer is No. But you can get there. Keep reading. 

At first you might be thinking, “Seriously? What good is this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stuff if I can’t be guaranteed a top spot?” Let’s take a step back and look at that question from the user’s point of view.

“Seriously? What good is this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stuff if I can’t be guaranteed a top spot?”

Let’s just say that your computer just crashed and you need it fixed, and stat! You have a BIG meeting via Skype in two days and you need a top notch job at a fair price. You hop on the local library computer and search “best computer repair.” Google feeds you their results. You click the first listing on the first page. They MUST be good if Google ranks them first….

Let’s stop there. You are making the assumption that Google has you (the consumer) in mind. You assume correctly. Once upon a time black hat SEO was a big thing. It was like this dark magic where SEO’s could manipulate Google into ranking their client’s websites at the top. Google has since taken steps to stop this. In fact, Google actually penalizes websites that try to work the system. And that’s good for you. Because that first search result for “best computer repair” is most likely very good.


Of course not! SEO is still incredibly important! But the rules have changed. In order to please Google you must now please the consumer. You must prove to Google (through your website structure, content, etc.) that your site offers the best solutions for searchers.

It is now important to be a Proactive marketer rather than a Reactive Wizard. Building a solid SEO strategy is key to your website success.


  • Content. Content. Content. Write to your customer. When you write with your customer at the focus your rankings will improve significantly
  • Focus on Speed. User experience is key. If your website takes 10 days to load no one is sticking around for that! And Google will notice.
  • Map the Journey. Can you website visitors easily navigate your site? If not, your rankings will show it.
  • Go Mobile. Can your customers interact with your site on any device? It’s 2017. They better be able to!

Can you buy a #1 spot on Google? Sorry, but no. Can you still rank in the #1 spot? Absolutely! But it takes time, commitment and a solid strategy for meeting the needs of your customer.

Taylored Marketing Can Help You With That. Start Planning Your Google Strategy

SEOLane TaylorSEO, Google