Choosing A Marketing Strategist is Like the Draft

Choosing a Marketing Strategist to create, manage, and develop your Marketing strategy is like participating in the draft. Seriously...

The other day I was talking to with my husband about my Marketing strategy and ideas. By now my marketing lingo has rubbed off on him a little. He looked at me and said "you know, what you do is like football." And he was right! 

Why Marketing Strategy is Like the Draft

A Marketing Strategist is like a player on the field. We come to the table with our skills. We've worked and trained for hours and hours to hone in our abilities and bring our A game. We have a unique technique, strengths and creative ideas. And we're looking for a team that matches up with our abilities to complement them; offering optimal success.

If you're a coach in the draft then you're working hard to choose a player who matches up with your team culture, ideas, and philosophy. You want someone that will work hard for your company, and will buy in to your company's culture. You want someone concerned with the overall success of your team.

Now you have options. And lots of them. You can draft a Manning, or you can draft a Manziel. But let's just say- you get what you pay for. 

Choosing the Strategist that's Right for You

Choosing a Marketing Strategist to Manage, Research, and Deliver results on your behalf can feel scary. It's a release of controls of your brand image to someone who works 'on the outside.' But it comes with amazing opportunity!

At Taylored Marketing, Your Company's success is our mission. We want to be a part of Your team. Our unique blend of strategies not only keep us up to date, but make us an ideal candidate for your next draft pick!

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