Facebook: Making Your 'About Me' Count


Facebook can be your doorway to the world. In fact, it’s a great platform to get found online! Did you know that your Facebook account really can show up on the first page in Google rankings?

In order to understand how your Facebook can get found, you’ll need to be a little familiar with the term SEO. SEO is a Marketing Acronym which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ Basically, creating a website that Google likes.

Part of having an SEO optimized website is having great content that contains relevant keywords. What better place to start than your Facebook? The About Me section of your page is a perfect place to hone in on your writing skills and draw in a crowd.

Let’s look at some tips for grabbing the attention of your Target Audience on Facebook:


When creating your About Me section you need to keep in mind who you are writing to. First, determine the target audience. Then, get inside their heads! Think as though you are that audience member. Empathize with their needs and desires. Now write to yourself: to them.

Be personable and relational. Write how your target audience would talk. And use keywords that your audience would search for…


You’re inside the mind of your audience. Now what would they type in the search bar on Google? Use those words and phrases throughout your text. Answer their questions. Proactively offer information that they haven’t even thought of asking yet!


There’s a fine line between using keywords in your quality content and being a robot. If your about me page looks like someone vomited Google Search Terms then you need a major overhaul. Write as if you are having a conversation. Google is smart. They will know what you mean and what searches are relevant to your content.


Are you seeing double? Some businesses have a bad habit of wanting to just “fill” the About Me section so they copy and paste from their website. This is a big no no. Google doesn’t like finding the exact same paragraphs in more than one place. This could actually hurt you!

And on that note: leave out your Mission Statement (unless it’s really relevant to your target audience). Putting your mission statement on your page is like going to a football game to hear the team yell “3 2 1 Win” in the huddle. The chant is to get them pepped up. What you care about is how they perform.


Make use of the space you are given. Fill it up! Even if your viewers never read the text the whole way through write it as if they will hang on your every word.

Incorporate quality content into your About Me section, and you’re well on your way to having an SEO optimized Facebook Page. Look how cool you are!

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