What is PPC?


As you progress on your marketing journey you will no doubt at least hear the letters “PPC.” No, this isn’t a drug- but it can eat away all of your time and money if you’re not careful!

PPC is a marketing acronym for Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is a type of online advertisement where the company or organization bids on keywords in order to show ads in search engines. Google is probably the most popular of all PPC search engines.

If your organization has any type of online presence, you will at some point toss around the idea of Pay Per Click. You want to be found online, and organic search is HARD! Why not pay to show up at the top right?

If only it were that easy! Here’s some things you should know before jumping on the PPC wagon.

  1. PPC takes Money.
    First, PPC takes cash. The cost will vary depending on your industry, but a solid budget needs to be in place in order to succeed at PPC advertising. Know up front what your budget cap is. You’ll need to set a Daily Budget. Don’t let your spending get out of control by being informed about what you are paying.
  2. PPC Takes Man Power
    If you want to do PPC well (and you do– Trust me!) then you should have at least 1 person dedicated to your campaign. This person should be knowledgeable about PPC advertising, as well as your industry as a whole. Although you may be able to accomplish PPC in house (many do), you can’t just ‘set it and forget it’.
  3. PPC Takes Strategy
    For many of you, PPC is a brand new idea. Don’t rush into it! Do your research and learn how PPC works. I highly recommend checking out Wordstream and their great articles on PPC success!

PPC is like a strategy game. Gather your resources, create a game plan, and get found online!

Taylored Marketing Can Manage you PPC Efforts to Reach Your Goals! Start Your PPC Game Plan.

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